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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boyish good looks and a soulful voice that makes every girl go a little weak in the knees…The voice behind heart-tugging numbers like Tere Bin and Woh Lamhe…Atif Aslam, as you already know, performed last night to a packed audience at the City Amphitheatre.

Walking towards the poolside at Muscat Holiday, he revealed that he’d taken two flights, from Lahore, to be in Muscat on time for his show. And then, we got out eleven things you did not know about Atif…

I rate myself about -5 as a singer. I am not trained but I do practice regularly now.

I don’t have a role model as such but I grew up listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and it is my dearest wish to have collaborated with him

I feel really blessed when I see the girls go crazy at my concerts but I feel humbled when the guys do it because then I know it’s my music, not my looks, that matters.

I’d rather not say if I am in a relationship or not. I’d much rather keep my fans guessing and cultivate the mystery around me.

I am not a brand conscious guy. I buy whatever looks good on me. My style is rough and comfortable and I wear whatever fits that look.

When I perform in concerts in the US, I find Indians and Pakistanis turning up in equal numbers to just enjoy my music, that seems simply touching.

If a good script like Bol comes along, yeah, sure, I’ll do it. But singing will always come first.

I am into weight training now but the regular flights don’t make it easy on my schedule. Yeah, I like to stay fit.

On my last visit, I had seen the Grand Mosque. I hope I can see some more of Muscat this time. But I am looking forward to eating some great Arabic food.

There have been so many messed-up concerts. There was this time in Karachi when people broke barriers and came after us and we escaped in a boat, only to be followed.

Once, after a concert, someone came up and asked me what my name was


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